13.02.2017: The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi, India

10.02.2017: Udaipur World Music Festival, India

19.11.2016: Fennel Lounge, with Steinar Nickelsen, China

17.11.2016: JZ Club, with Steinar Nickelsen, Shanghai, China

16.11.2016: Nuts Club, with Steinar Nickelsen, Chongqing, China

15.11.2016: B-10, with Steinar Nickelsen, Oct Loft, Shenzhen, China

14.11.2016: The Fringe Club, with Steinar Nickelsen, Hong Kong

12.11.2016: Blu Jaz Cafe, with Steinar Nickelsen, Singapore

11.11.2016: Yoko, Ho Chi Minh, with Steinar Nickelsen, Vietnam

10.11.2016: Cama ATK, Hanoi, with Steinar Nickelsen, Vietnam

15.10.2016: Budapest Ritmo Festival, Hungary

Concerts in Asia and Budapest supported by:

22.06.2016: Landbrukshøgskolen, Ås, Norway

20.06.2016: InMusic Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

12.06.2016: Prinsdal Church, with The Prinsdal Choir, Oslo

03.06.2016: 1000 year anniversary concert with Flere Farger, Sarpsborg, Norway

02.06.2016: Workshop, Flere Farger, Sarpsborg

01.06.2016: Workshop, Flere Farger, Sarpsborg

21.04.2016: Workshop and concert, Soria Moria, Oslo

23.10.2015: UN Day children concert, Holmlia

16.10.2015: Oslo Inovation Week at International Hub, Oslo

26.09.2015: Folkelarm, Riksscenen, Oslo

05.09.2015: Transfolk, Antikvariatet, Trondheim

04.09.2015: Solheim, Røros, Norway

29.08.2015: Zimfest, Cafeteatret, Oslo

25.08.2015: Llla Hotelbaren, Stockholm

18.07.2015: The Latitude Festival, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Stage, UK

28.02.2015: Winter Word Festival, Strømstad

28.02.2015: Concert for children, The Library, Winter Word Festival, Strømstad

02.02.2015: Columbi Egg, Augustin Hotel, Bergen

29.01.2015: Riksscene, Oslo, Norway

28.01.2015: Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden

06.12.2014: Penang Jazz Festival, Malaysia

05.12.2014: Penang Jazz Festival, Workshop, Malaysia

21.06.2014: Bergen Afro Arts Festival, Norway

20.06.2014: Bergen Afro Arts Festival, Norway

25.04.2014: Overseas Night, Jazzahead, Bremen, Germany

02.03.2014: Union Scene, Drammen, Norway

21.02.2014: Global Oslo Music, Cafeteatret, Oslo

18.11.2013: BBC World on 3 session concert and interview, London (will be aired january 10th)

17.11.2013: Mwalimu Express/ Rich Mix, London Jazz Festival With very special guest: Sidiki Camara!

12.10.2013: Music and Migration Festival, Berlin

14.09.2013: Global, Copenhagen

13.09.2013: Kulturnatt Oslo, Caféteatret

30.01.2013: Riksscenen, Oslo

29.01.2013: Familien, Trondheim

21.01.2013: Columbi Egg, Augustin Hotel, Bergen

20.01.2013: Mwalimu Express, Rich Mix, London

19.01.2013: St. Croix, Fredrikstad

11.12.2012: The Mahogany Room, Cape Town, South Africa

11.12.2012: Cape Town College of Music, South Africa

10.12.2012: The Mahogany Room, Cape Town, South Africa

08.12.2012: The Book Café, Harare, Zimbabwe

08.12.2012: Workshop & Concert, Harare, Zimbabwe

07.12.2012: Alliance Francaise, Harare, Zimbabwe   

06.12.2012: Gil Vicente, Maputo Mozambique

05.12.2012: Feima, Maputo, Mozambique

04.12.2012: Nzinda Centro Cultural, Maputo, Mozambique

31.10.2012: Jungelscenen, Blå, Oslo World Music Festival

25.08.2012: Melafestivalen, Oslo

24.08.2012: Isegran, Fredrikstad

18.12.2011: Cafeteatret, Oslo

30.11.2011: Kald´s Coffee Shop, Johannesburg, South - Africa

29.11.2011: Bassline, Newtown, with Nomhle and Omagugu, Johannesburg, South - Africa

28.11.2011: Concert and Workshop, AMMO, Maputo, Mozambique

27.11.2011: Nucleo de Arte, Maputo, Mozambique

26.11.2011: Gil Vizente, Maputo, Mozambique

25.11.2011: Kampfumo, Maputo, Mozambique

24.11.2011: Concert and Workshop, Zimbabwe College of Music, Zimbabwe

24.11.2011: Mannenberg Jazz Club with Kakuwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

Photo by CF Wesenberg

“A unique sound blending traditional songs from Zimbabwe with Scandinavian Jazz“ CNN, USA

m o n o s w e z i